Don't have your own box?Buy a RecycleBox

Roomy, yet neat, our sturdy RecycleBox is fit for purpose.
Starting at £25 per box, including free collection.


for space saving.


41cm x 30cm x 30cm
once assembled.


Can handle a whopping
5kg of materials.


100% Recycled

The boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and come flat-packed so you can keep aside any you don't need now, for future collections.


What can go in the box?

Any of the materials in Book a Collection.

What can’t go in a box?

Liquids, foods and hazardous materials.

Can I mix materials?

Because different types of materials require different recycling solutions, it’s very helpful if you can do your best to keep them separate, as per the box content categories in Book a Collection.

What if I have something that doesn’t fall into any of these categories?

As long as it isn’t a liquid, food, or hazardous material, send it our way! If we can’t process it with an existing recycling solution, we’ll send it to our RecycleLab for analysis.

Can I use my own box and, if so, what size should it be?

Yes, you can use your own recycle box. As a guideline, it should be no bigger than three stacked shoeboxes and light enough to be picked up easily by one person without help. The First Mile RecycleBox measures: 41 x 30 x 30 CM. If you’d like to double-check (or for any other ‘how to recycle’ questions) don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How much can I put in a box?

As much or as little of one category of material that will fit inside the box, as long as it‘s light enough to be picked up easily by one person without help.

If you have a small amount of one material you can pop it in the post to us:

RecycleLab by First Mile
38a Minerva Road
NW10 6HJ

Why can’t I use my council recycling bin?

By all means, use the regular recycling collection service offered by your local council for all eligible material. With some local variation, most dry mixed recycling bins accept: paper, card, 3D (hard) plastics and metal (including tins, cans & foil). RecycleBox is for material categories that require specialist recycling processes, all of which can be found in Book a Collection.

Where do you offer collections?

Anywhere in the U.K. If you’re somewhere remote, we may take slightly longer to get to you (but we will!)

Where do the box contents end up?

First Mile have been recycling for businesses since 2004. We offer over 20 recycling streams, and we’re constantly innovating new recycling solutions. Visit our website to learn more about the recycling processes for each material and to find our ‘What happens to my waste?’ feature on the various destinations of each material.

Do you have to be an existing First Mile customer to sponsor a box?

No! All brands or private sponsors are warmly invited to join the RecycleBox Revolution. Get in touch.