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End-of-life solutions

We work with you to find the best possible end-of-life solutions for the products you sell. We make it easy for your customers to recycle and give new life to their old products. So they feel good, you feel good, and the plant definitely feels good.

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Sponsor a RecycleBox category

Alternatively, you can sponsor one of our current RecycleBox categories, making collections free to the customer, while ensuring your company's pledge to the environment rings out loud and clear.

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Extended Producer

Because if you're not shouting all things sustainability from the rooftops, you might as well wave goodbye to your customers.

You may have heard of a not-so-little thing called Extended Producer Responsibility. It's the piece of legislation that focuses on what happens to the product you sell once consumers have finished with them.

This means diverting as much as possible from landfill and recovering materials for re-use. Which is where we come in.

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